Secret of Overcoming Your Worries

“Worry makes a tiny looking problem grow bigger shadows.”
Swedish Proverb

 Worries is just like a pliar removing the nails used in holding your smiles,your happiness and leaving you loosed which can thereby bring you down.

In this article i will share to few lines which works for me and i guess it will work for you,

1. Ask yourself: How many things you feared would happen in your life that did  happen?

This is it. Most things people  will happen ends up  not happening. They are just scary monsters in your own mind.

 So whenever I am worried, I ask myself this question "for all this am worried about has anyone came to pass" and I remind myself of none of the things that I have worried about over the past few years which have actually become real. And that alone most times calms me down.

2. Ask yourself this: Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

It is very easy to fall into the habit of making mountains out of molehills. You think and think about a small problem until it becomes something that  may ruin your life.

Another reason is that  pride wants more. It wants to feel better or worse than someone else. By making things more complicated than they need to be you can make them feel very important. .

So how do you get out of the habit of making mountains of molehills? Two tips:

  •      Ask questions that widen your recent perspective. Questions like: “Does someone have it worse on the planet?” The answer may not be in positive answers, but it can for sure get  you of a certain childish “poor, poor me…” attitude really fast. This question changes your thinking from a narrow, self-centered one into a much wider one and enlighten me about my situation and to be grateful about my life.

  •     Bringing awareness to your own thinking patterns. Ask  questions like: “Honestly, am I over stressing this?” and “What is the easiest  and most best solution to my problem that I may be avoiding to protect myself from pain?”

3. position your mind and attention towards the solution to the problem rather than the worry.

To move out of worry I find it vastly helpful to just start moving and taking action to solve what I am concerned about.

Two tips that have helped me to take action more persistently every week are:

  •     Using a morning routine. This is i guess is  the most powerful tip I have found so far in this area. You simply set up a regular thing that you do as soon as you wake up. This works so well because what you do early in the morning  most times  sets the context for your day. As humans we have a strong tendency to want to be persistent with what we have done before. That’ is one  reason why a bad start of the day most times leads to a bad day and a good start often leads to a good day. So create a routine that gives you a positive and hyperactive  start to your day.

  •     Starting small. To get from a state where all you feel like is just sitting on your chair and doing nothing other than the  one where you take action over and over, you can do this: start small. Getting started with a harder  task or most difficult action may seem too much and might gets you into procrastination.
     So instead of that, start with something that doesn’t seem so hard. One of my favorites is simply to take a few minutes to dust my chairs. After that the next thing doesn’t seem so difficult to me since am now in the mode for a task.



Nice tips you got here buddy.
Am glad I found some tips in overcoming my worries.

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