Which Platform Is Best For Blogging


This has been the question for most people all around the world and as a pro blogger i found a solution to this and i felt i should share


  Most times people asks lots of questions like which is the best blogging platform,like when i wanted to start blogging i was lost also i made a lot of research and i found nothing which left me clueless, But don't be scared i got this

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 Here are few steps to consider when starting up a blog as a newbie

What are You Posting About :What you want to write about plays a mojor role in the platform you will use

  •  Some upcoming bloggers  wants to go with the trending entertainment{music/video},fashion,livestyle and magazine that is ok,  but then you start thinking which platform should i use, that is where WORDPRESS hosted falls,  because it is flexible easy to manipulate to suite your style and it is also secure because you pay for the hosting where your are been giving maximum security and enough space as your pay for.   wordpress is very dynamic,used by most top companies you can't even think of.   so my say here is if you want to be a music/video blogger i suggest you go for WORDPRESS.

  • While some upcoming bloggers  wants the news,gist and viral pictures, Then i guess you should go with BLOGGER,blogger is owned by google it is a free hosted platform which seems like a free blogging platform, it is also a unique platform unlike wordpress,blogger is not as dynamic but it is the best in news posting with easy navigation and also easy to build seo(search engine optimization).
Like i said earlier on blogger is more like a free blog where to have to pay for just the domain you want to use,but for wordpress you have to pay for a hosting plan which might cost you almost 💲20 dollars which the domain name amount is not included  and also security which is more higher than the price of a domain name. So i think i will give blogger some credit for this one.

 Maintenance And SEO: 
 Google tried very much in this aspect, to manage a blogger's blog is very easy but wordpress can be a little bit complicating and also for wordpress you have to build your Seo on your own,but for blogger it is already active all you need is to use it.  So i think i would prefer blogger for this one

                                                                 And Lastly  

Security: For security i think wordpress is the best because you have to pay for it, Which means you have control over it unlike the blogger which is being controlled by google anything can happen anytime,you might just wake up and find your blog missing, mind you am not saying it will go missing but hey! no one knows the future google might start restructuring and your blog might be no where to be found. so i give it up for wordpress on this one.

So i hope i have made a difference here in enlightening your more on which platform suits your style?

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