Why You Need To Have Https On Your Blogger's Custom Domain Blogs

Hi readers there has been a problem in Nigeria with those using blogger with custom domain blog which is not opening on top browsers like Chrome, Firefox and others except for opera mini which is not good for your Seo. Most bloggers blog have moved to Wordpress but some who cant afford hosting stay stuck with this issue and suffer traffic loss

  But fear not, am here with a solution i tried it and it worked perfectly fine for me which is why am sharing this which is supposed to be a secret, and here brings us why we need an Https on our custom domain blogs

1)  This is to help you secure your site from spammers,hackers and also provide securities to your subscribers.

2) This will help you solve the issues of Bloggers custom domain blogs not opening.

             Which Https should i use?

  •  I suggest you use Cloudfare which is what am using right now

               How can i set it up?

  •  Click here  to get information on how to set it up on Cloudfare
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Hi. Pls can you help me fix mine?


yea sure login into this link https://www.bloggingprince.com/2017/06/how-to-enable-free-https-ssl-on-blogger-custom-domain.html then follow the procedure, but incase you are having problem i feel free to call on me


Thanks for the Info. Bro can you help me in implementing Adsense on my site ( Naijamp3zone.com.ng ) I was rejected when I applied

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