YOUTH-AGE: can be said to be the period in a person's life; ranging from the age of 17-23
A YOUTH HEART: it is a virgin memory space with empty vacuum, thrown open to welcome whatever persists to settle in it; therefore making it comfortable or uncomfortable
A YOUTH BRAIN: it is a computer customized to accept and store information and perhaps display them according to how they are controlled by the heart", THE MIND"

NOTE: furthermore the youth have great opportunity to control whatever comes their way and the free choice to get a fulfilled life or failure, depending on the type of information they accept and process within themselves and the world of possibilities built by their innermost thoughts"fantasies"

Now our-days advice to children is hardly done by parents and guidance
Children need advice in order to pick up courage and fight against their failures; life is full of hard situations, they are times which different occurrences take place in life
Times of laughter
Times for happiness
Times of sorrows
When sorrow blast at your doorstep; you think God hates you, but these problems are challenges to make you know the worth of "your  spiritual father"
   Courage is the best to pick, instead of thinking about your past failures in life
      "When there is life, there is hope"; when you cannot cope"Jesus offers you hope"


Fulfillment is a state; of self-actualization; it is reaching your perspired goals, aim, point etc.
There are many types of fulfilment, but that which I am looking at is "LIFE FULFILLMENT"
*Life is the state after birth, the state before death; the process of existing and being active
  The period of existing reached in maximum level"LIFE FULFILLMENT"(existence actualized)
                  Career          |             Eternity
               *Profession.              *Salvation
               *Talent.                      *Heaven
               *Gift.                           *Hell
                            *Good fate
                            *Bad fate.....|...
                                           .untimely death.                                            .doom.
I will discuss and break down this chart of fulfilment...................
            VISION: it is a defined structural alignment of ideas; building a reality of imagination in imagery and mindset.

         DREAM: it is a message sent by the mind to the brain; as a product of it reflections: it is a mere taste of quality ideas"output of a great mind" it's a stepping stone for(same)mind to move ahead; if well reasoned: it provokes a great VISION.

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